Pokémon x TonyMoly


While on a layover at Seoul-Incheon last week, I naturally use the opportunity to shop at some of the airport’s many duty-free stores. While browsing one of the stores, I was stopped in my tracks- there were so. Many. Pokémon products at TonyMoly.

Naturally, I bought literally every Pokémon product they had. Enough to get that Squirtle pouch at the top for free. SCORE.


I haven’t gotten through testing all of them yet but YOU KNOW I opened them all as soon as I got home.

First off, how cute are these Jiggypuff and Pikachu palettes? Already imagining doing some kind of themed look for each.


Both seem very wearable.


Naturally, there are plenty of Pikachu themed products available. Like these mascaras. There was also a pack of black, gray, and blue, but I opted for all black:


The there’s these Pikachu cushion compacts. That’s right, Pokeball sponge.

One is a foundation and the other a blush (the one with the close-eyed, content Pikachu is the blush):

Also, there are these hand lotions, which feature a wider variety of Pokémon on them.


Oh, and last but not least, there’s also the Squirtle cleanser.

  • FullSizeRender.jpg-1.jpeg

Overall, I rate this adorable, to say the least. It will take a while to work through all these products, but look for further pictures and Pokémon themed looks to come.

Rimmel Magical Stay Lipcoat

I love doing a lip-centric look. In my opinion, nothing makes you look more vibrant than a bright red or pink lipstick (and nothing is easier than swiping some on). But I’ve long had a problem with these looks: I am constantly drinking, snacking, and making a mess of myself in a general way.

So when I went to a recently opened Korean beauty store and found Rimmel Magical Stay Lipcoat, I was intrigued. I was assured by the sales associate that yes, it really worked.IMG_7261.JPG


(I’m also very intrigued when I see Korean or Japanese products from brands we can acquire in the US where I live. Also, when I see a woman apparently horrified by cupcakes, that works, too).



I figured the best way to try it out would be to put on one of my favorite lipsticks and try to drink something. I opted for MAC Ruby Woo. The application process is simple: shake up the container, put a tiny dot on to your finger, then coat it over your lipstick.

Me, ready to test.IMG_7249.JPG







I chose a white mug so I could really see if it came off or not. I took a sip…

Lo and behold, my lipstick did not budge. Even more impressively, the white mug had zero product on it. I continued drinking and sure enough, my lipstick stayed on. The effect lasted for hours.

So I’m not saying I’m going to go back and buy the entire stock, but I’m not ruling that out, either. The product has an almost velvety texture, but not an unpleasant one, and I didn’t find it overly drying on the lips. Mostly, I’m happy to have a product that really makes lipstick last so I can rock this kind of bold lip with confidence.

Essie Gel

Let’s talk nails. For years I got gel manicures. I loved them, but after a few too many I found that my nails were getting brittle and breaking, and no amount of vitamins and treatments could counter the bi-weekly acetone soak. I decided to take a break for a while and look for ways to do my nails at home.

I tried a variety of “gel” polishes, and found that the Essie ones were my favorites. This is largely due to the unique brush, which allows you to get super close to the cuticles without getting polish all over them. Even if you’re a little *ahem* challenged in the DIY manicure department, they’re relatively simple to use.

Here’s my favorite part: the brush. Seriously, it makes it so easy to apply polish. It’s so flat you can cover a good part of the nail at once and you can get right up next to the skin. (Oh, does the top coat have it too? YOU KNOW IT DOES)











So, how does it stack up in terms of gloss and endurance? I will say the gloss factor is on point- especially at first, they have a shine that rivals salon manicures.

The lasting ability, however, is not quite there. On me, they look great for a few days, but then start to wear. It’s definitely not the weeks of you get out of a true gel manicure. That being said, it lasts waaay longer than traditional nail polish, which I often find pointless to even apply because it chips so quickly. I can put this on before a weekend getaway without worries about nail maintenance, which is all I really ask for.

While not the perfect solution to at-home gel, it’s one I’m happy with, as evidenced by the fact I own far too many colors!